We offer three distinct solutions according to your needs. You will provide a distinctive, unforgettable and technologically advanced service:

  • Robôs Humanoides
  • Receptionist Robots
  • Delivery Robots
  • Interactive Smart Tables
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  • Catering

    We offer distinct solutions according to your need: Humanoid Robots for restaurants or for smaller spaces such as a cafeteria.

  • Provide a distinctive unforgettable and technologically advanced service.
  • Interactive Smart Tables may be part of the solution you’re looking for.
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  • Car Stands

    See how a Robot can be your stand’s best salesperson.

    With our help you will be able to present your customers a safe, reliable and futuristic image, which will make you stand out from your opponents.

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  • Events, Fairs and Expositions

    We present two solutions according to what you´re looking for:

  • Assistant Robot: roams through the location available to the visitors, entertaining them, while also, clarifying any doubts.
  • Interactive Smart Tables: they have the same intent, but static, being part of the event as an audio and image screen.
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  • Sanitation/ Disinfection

    Nowadays, more than ever, spaces’ sanitation and disinfection is one of the top priorities of any company.

    See how you can make it more efficient and safer.

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  • Geriatrics

    Robotics evolution provides Geriatrics numerous tools that revolutionize treatments and elders follow up. Easing your nursing home day to day as a corporate is also one of your top goals.

    Humanoid Robots with three main functions: Health, Communication and Entertainment.

    Interactive Smart Tables: Communication and Entertainment.

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  • Hospitals/ Clinics

    The health area is the most essential for the human being, that being said, everything that betters your service will add value.

    Our Robots can aid you in the following chores:

  • Patient reception and orientation
  • Triage
  • Telemedicine
  • Disinfection
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  • Security

    We provide a type of Robot that ensures safety and surveillance outside and inside.

    Equipped with great movement skills, its four cameras advanced system is the perfect ally to making us feel safe.

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