What do we do?

iDR guarantees support and professional technical-commercial assistance through specialized technicians and commercials from the project stage of the home automation solution, budgeting, advice of peripheral systems, installation and configuration of the system. iDR also provides training to distributors and installers who wish to sell iDR/ TELETASK solutions. Assures after-sales service through highly trained and certified technicians.

Represented Brands

With the focus always placed on the customer and their needs, iDR always strives to work with the highest quality partners to guarantee a service of excellence. Your comfort is our mission!


iDR is a company that sells integrated home automation solutions. It is part of a group with experience since 1997 in the industrial automation market and represents the TELETASK brand for Portugal, PALOP and Brazil. TELETASK has been manufacturing high-quality and reliable home automation products since 1984. Being one of the pioneers, TELETASK has become one of the largest suppliers of home automation systems. It is also one of the most experienced brands in the world and offers proven products. TELETASK sets trends worldwide in more than 40 countries, not just in Belgium, her mother land. Its timeless and unique design products, in addition to the extensive features, have made it a solid partner with an unparalleled experience. The experience, coupled with the resources that constitute IDR, make our home automation solutions a value for your project.

What is home automation solutions?

Integrated home automation systems bring together all electrical and / or electronic systems in a friendly environment. Thanks to integrated automation systems, all building systems, which are normally operated independently, can now be present in a single, easy-to-use system.

It's a smart environment with:

  • 1º Energy Management
  • 2º Security
  • 3º Comfort
  • 4º Flexibility