Home Automation

Home automation equipment allows you to control and monitor the different installed systems which, without domotics, would not interact with each other. Ex: Consumption management, On-off devices, lighting, air conditioning, shading, watering, flood of roofs or garages, intrusion alarms, video surveillance.

Video Door Station

Promote increased security in your home. Due to the integration, the video camera camera acts as an additional camera in CCTV and the voice call can be answered on the phone of your choice. In any part of the world, with wi-fi access, you can consult video-camera images through your mobile device.

Ambient Sound

Your audio system can be controlled by the TELETASK home automation via IP or RS232 through its touch panels. If you access a touch panel with a display, you can even have information about the track or artist you are listening to. These are just a few sound integration applications of your TELETASK system!


3D Holograms are the new form of Transmedia that allows an innovative communication through moving images and objective and focused messages. Of various shapes and sizes 3D holograms represent a state of the art in the communication industry.

4D Chairs

Imagine having a movie theatre in your home. Now imagine that the seats you sit on could move and have a number of features that work depending on the movie you are watching. A professional and limitless entertainment solution can be in your home.


We present our series of Robots for the areas of Hospitality, Restaurants, Automobile Stands, Events, Fairs, Exhibitions, Hygienisation, Disinfection, Geriatrics, Hospitals and Security.

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