Home Automation 4.0

We develop integrated home automation solutions whose purpose is to simplify the control and monitoring of the different systems of a building, which normally do not communicate with each other, using as few electronic devices as possible. We aim to improve the reliability and efficiency of the installation, reduce energy consumption, increase safety and comfort.

  • • Lighting, including full temperature control, colours, outlets;
  • • Curtains, blinds, gates;
  • • Access control, security;
  • • Measurement of consumption and production of energy, water, gas, etc…;
  • • Temperature: heating, cooling and ventilation;
  • • Áudio, vídeo, TV, home cinema;
  • • Communication (door phone, smartphone, PC, internet);
  • • Irrigation systems, tanks, etc…
  • Training
    Quality Integrated Domotics Solutions

    We organize, periodically, training for integrators, designers and everyone interested in obtaining knowledge on integrated home automation solutions of high quality. Sign up for geral@idr.pt

    We support the Professionals in the Project Phase

    We support the professionals in the project phase, ensuring the documentation of the total or modular solution throughout the life of the building, for further integration.

    Certified Resellers / Integrators

    We have a network of certified resellers / integrators who present and deliver the best solutions on the market.

    We guarantee the delivery of the solutions on time and always functional

    We support installers on site to, if necessary, assure the delivery of the solutions, always functional, on time.

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