Compact Classic 1T

This compact door station with integrated wide-angle camera (110°) is easy to install and is an entry model with an attractive price. The wheatear resistant aluminium front is giving a fine and quality appearance.


The Complete series is like the modular system. You have the option of requesting your video door station according to your needs taking advantage of the wide range of Baudisch modules. The highlight of this range is the sleek one-piece stainless steel front, including concealed fastening.

Modular System

Choose exactly what you need. Order your door station according to your requirements and take advantage of our wide range of modules. Whether surface-or flush-mounted, one button or several buttons, IP camera or RFID – you get exactly what you need.

Smart Mailbox

Imagine a mail box which could be both mail reception and video door station. This modular system allows you, in addition to receiving regular mail, to pick up your video door phone locally or remotely through your smartphone (deterrent effect) or even receive your orders when you are not at home - the courier opens a compartment common in the mail box, closes, and an intuitive digital panel identifies the order, the addressee, and sends you a notification trough sms or e-mail about the delivery.

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