End User Products

TELETASK touch panels are more than simple push buttons to turn individual functions on and off. Translate your wishes into an infinite number of possible functions. See the wide variety of the AURUS family, developed to fit the most diverse interior decoration styles.
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> Touch panels AURUS
> Access Control
> Remote Controls
> Tactile Screens MAIOR

See the range of applications for smartphones, tablets, computers, etc ... to control your TELETASK home automation system wherever you are.
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> Apps
> Central Management
> Configuration Software
Technical products

TELETASK technical modules are the invisible players of our integrated home automation system. The system integrator will match the characteristics of the TELETASK technical components to any customer needs.
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> Central Units
> Input Modules
> Output Modules
> Dimmers (lighting regulation)
> Sensors
> Module for sensors and AVAC
> Audio-video
> Accessories

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